duck bonbons with a garlic sauce

hey guys today’s recipe is  duck bonbons . For this dish i am using some leftover from a roast duck but you can use chicken or turkey if you don’t have . For the garlic sauce , the base will be an aoli , it’s a famous sauce in the south of france   mostly served with  seafood and fish soup like “bouillabaisse”  but i thought it will go well with duck.

Bon appetit


For the bonbons:

150 grs cooked duck meat ( or any other poultry)

300 grs of mash potatoe ( around 4 medium size potatoes)

1 egg yolk

2 whole eggs

1 cup of milk



1 teaspoon of chopped thyme

for the sauce:

3 garlic cloves

1/2 lemon juice

1 egg yolk

olive oil

to start steam the potatoes , peel and mash them.Then shred the meat add to your potatoes with the egg yolk , thyme salt and pepper, mix well and shape 12 round shape balls.

In a dish beat the 2 eggs with the milk, in another dish put the flour and the breadcrumbs in another one. Start by coating your duck bonbons in flour then egg and breadcrumbs last, repeat this operation twice to have a nice crispy crust and keep the breaded duck in the fridge .

For the sauce i like to do it in a mortar but you can use a food processor or whisk it if you don’t have this tools . first you gonna crush  the garlic , add salt and pepper and the lemon juice ,  mix well until you get a paste then add your egg yolk, mix and slowly add the olive oil like if you are making a mayonnaise until a thick consistency and keep in the fridge . 

Deep fry the duck bonbon at 140 degrees celsius or 280 fahrenheit until a golden and crispy . put your garlic aoli in a mixing bowl , add a tablepoon of water , this will make the sauce lighter and take off  some bitterness from the olive oil and mix well until a nice runny consistency and add more water if needed . serve while hot and enjoy

Bon appetit


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