Pan fried lemonsole with creamy fennel gnocchi

I am going to cook lemonsole it’s a fish that i used to cook at my hotel but i am going to change the recipe and serve with creamy gnocchi and i am going to add fennel in the gnocchi to give a wee crunch to the dish. So on y va .

Bon appetit


2 large lemonsole fillet

300 grs mash potatoes

1 fennel bulb

1 egg yolk

90 grs plain flour

1 cup cream

1 teaspoon chopped dill

start by cooking and mashing the potatoes , let it cool. In the meantime dice and gently fry the fennel. In a mixing bowl mix potatoes, floor, egg yolk and the fennel until you get a firm texture. Roll and cut the mix like in the picture below.Cook the gnocchi into boiling salty water and remove them when they float at the surface. In a hot pan fry the fish in olive oil and season . In another saucepan add the cream and dill and slowly reduce  and add the cooked gnocchi inside  and gently stir. when the fish is cooked serve.

Bon appetit


5 thoughts on “Pan fried lemonsole with creamy fennel gnocchi

  1. that is an amazing dish…the flavours really complmaint each other relly well and it give you enjoymeny whilst eating really are a talented chef!!the name is quite catchy!! keep up with the posts cant wait to see what you come up with next??

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