Vanilla panacotta

Hello everybody , to be honest this post is about frustration, the last day i went out and order for dessert a white chocolate panacotta  but i didnt like it it was   WAY TOO SWEET.So i decided to share my recipe which only include 4 ingredients and can be made from anybody, it’s that easy and at the end you get a nice creamy ( and not too sweet) dessert . My friends tried it today and they loved it so hopefully you and your friends will like it too.

bon appetit.


Makes 4

50 cl cream

50 grs sugar

1 vanilla pod ( or vanilla essence)

1  1/2  gelatine leave

Soak the gelatine into cold water, in a saucepan put milk. split vanilla pod with seeds  or the essence and the sugar, bring to boil and wait a few minutes before adding the gelatine. divide the mixture into 4 ramekins and chill in the fridge for 4  hours or more if needed. enjoy.

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