Pastry cream filled horns

Hey guys , i was not supposed to post this recipe as it was just an experiment but i thought i  should share it and you can tell me what you think. The story is a few weeks ago me and a friend went shopping i found this 6 cone shaped mould for only 4 euros so i bought them hoping to find a recipe to use i thought puff pastry filled fith pastry cream would be the best match so i tried , it tasted very good , the pictures i took are not the best but the tast was there. Soon i will bake new ones , i am thinking about a hazelnut praline filling, it could be nice .Bon appetit.

Ingredients :

Makes 6 horns

200 grs puff pastry

4 egg yolks

60 grs sugar

2 tbsp cornflour

30 grs plain flour

280 ml milk

1 vanilla pod

First preheat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius,  roll out the pastry until you get a 50 cm by 30 cm dough , cut 6 long stripes and roll around the greased mould ,brush with water and dip in sugar , bake 25-25 min at 200 degrees Celsius  . Heat the milk in a saucepan with the split vanilla , in the meantime beat the egg with the sugar until the colour become pale then add the sifted cornflour and flour . Add 1/2 of the boiled milk on the mix , mix well and put back in the pan cook slowly and keep stirring or else the cream might burn.Once thickened remove the vanilla pod and chill in the fridge. When the pastry is cooked wait until it is cold before removing from the mould , put the cold cream in a piping bag and stuff the horns. You can eat them straight away and they will be nice and crispy or put them back in the fridge until they get nice and soggy , it’s up to your liking. Enjoy


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