mandarin and raspberry pavlova

This afternoon , i was baking a few biscuits and i hah some egg whites left so i thought about making a pavlova , this dessert is on the menu of many restaurant included the one i am working in . foe the fruit , i picked two of my favourites fruits which is mandarin and raspberry and decided to give a wee twist . i decided to add 2 tablespoon a lemon curd  with the fruit , it will give a bit of acidity and will match with the sweetness of the meringue. It the perfect dessert to begin this month .

Bon appetit.


Makes 1 big meringue or 4 individuals

2 egg whites

100 grs sugar

2 tablespoon lemon curd ( optional)

1 cup whipped cream

3 mandarin

1 cup raspberries

first preheat the oven at 100 degrees celsius, beat the eggs in a clean bowl for 2-3 min at medium speed until you get a foamy , after that switch to higher speed and add the sugar a  teaspoon at a time, continue whipping to a soft peak stage. Shape on a baking tray to your liking ( spooned ,pipping bag , ring ….) and bake for around one hour at 100 degrees celsius. In the meantime peel and dice the mandarins, add the raspberries and the lemon curd and mix well. Once the meringue cooked and chilled put the whipped cream on top and then the fruit mixture, decorate with some fresh mint and serve.Enjoy.


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