Baked brie in filo pastry with tomato salad and balsamic reduction

I made this starter last week as i was cooking a romantic dinner for my girlfriend and this is her favourite starter, i think it is one of the easiest dish to make but it doesnt mean it is not one of the best  . Nothing can beat a bit of runny cheese dropping on a tomato salad . A lot of restaurant in ireland serve brie as a starter bake like the one i made or deep fried in batter like we have where i am working , but i find this last one a bit heavy and anyway the only cheese i eat deep fried is mozarella sticks ( i might make some soon ). And for the salad , i made a cherry tomato salad but any salad will do , rocket , iceberg with some crunchy vegetables ….. Let your imagination do the job.

Bon appetit.


Serves 2

*One brie wedge  ( the one you usually get in your supermarket)

*4 sheets of filo pastry

*fresh herbs ( I used oregano  but you can use basil , thyme, rosemary ….)

*2 handful of cherry tomato

*olive oil

*balsamic vinegar

*balsamic reduction (optional)

*melted butter


1. First divide the brie in 4 equal portion and shape the cheese into balls .( you can remove the skin if you want ).

2. Spread 2 sheets of filo pastry with the melted butter and add another sheet on each of the buttered sheet  so you end up with 2 sheets with 2 layers each.

3. cut each sheet in two , add in the middle  some of the herbs and a piece of brie , fold and put on a baking tray , repeat this process with the other pieces.

4. bake 8-12 Min at 180 degrees Celsius or until golden.

5. In the meantime cut in half the tomatoes  , season with salt and pepper and add the olive oil and vinegar, stir well and dress on the plate , decorate with some balsamic reduction  if you have or with the juice of the tomatoes if you want.

6. once cooked put two brie on each plate and serve while hot with a glass of white wine and enjoy.


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