cranberry and thyme bread

So today i am off work so i decided to have some relaxing time and bake . I had a bag of dried cranberries in my kitchen press and i was desperate to get rid of it and the idea came to me . cranberry and thyme bread, i think it can be a great bread for strong cheese like gorgonzola or even with leftover meat like lamb or duck , perfect for a posh sandwich. Imagine having a slice of this bread with thin slices of lamb and a bit of rocket for a wee lunch , its definitely better than the sandwiches you get in the supermarkets  and cheaper. So if you are a bread addict  you can try this recipe.

Bon appetit

Ingredients :

*2 cups warm water

*2/3 cup sugar

*2 sachets active dry yeast ( or 14 grs)

*1 1/2 teaspoon  salt

*1/4 cup olive oil

*6 cups bread flour

*1 cup of dried cranberries

*1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme

1. In a mixing bowl dissolve the sugar and yeast in the warm water and leave it aside for a few minutes .

2.Add the salt and oil into the yeast,then add the thyme and cranberries and slowly add the flour and once you get a dough knead a floured surface until you get a smooth dough.Put in an oiled bowl , cover with a  damp cloth and leave to rise until it has doubled in size.

3.Punch down dough , knead for a few minutes and cut in half, shape into loaves and place in loaf tin, rise for about 30 Min and bake at 180 degrees celsius for 40 min.

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