Blue cheese fougasse

A fougasse is a provencal  bread , it is similar to the Italian focaccia.You can find it everywhere in the south east of France , with many flavours , you can have olive , blue cheese, onions, peppers , orange essence and many more. In the old time the fougasse was cooked first in the morning to check if the wood oven was hot enough for the other breads and then the fougasse was given to the bakers for their meal . As i lived in provence for 5 years i ate a lot a fougasse and each time i come back for holidays i go to the baker and buy a blue cheese fougasse and this is why i decided to try to bake one myself and this is the recipe.

Bon appetit.


*250 grs strong bread flour

* 7 grs dry yeast ( 1 small sachet)

*200 ml warm water

*2 tablespoon olive oil

*1/2 teaspoon salt

*120 grs blue cheese

1. In a glass dilute the yeast in the warm water  and leave it for a few minutes .

2. In a mixing bowl mix the flour with the salt and the olive oil and then add the yeast mixture, mix well and then when it form a dough , knead on a working surface for at least 5-6 min and leave it to rise 1 hour covered .

3. Once rise, punch down the dough , roll to a desired shape and crumb the cheese in the middle. fold the dough back and incise the dough, and rest for 1/2 hour.

4. Cook 20 min at 210 degrees Celsius in a preheated oven.

6 thoughts on “Blue cheese fougasse

  1. I totally love provence, this is a wonderful fougasse, I bet the smell was unbeatable!! I always love the smell of bread.

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