Roast duck leg with chorizo broad beans and a fresh herbs vinaigrette .

For this dish i wanted to serve duck but in a fresh way . It is often served with a creamy sauce or a wine based jus but i wanted to try with a light and fresh vinaigrette . Luckily i am growing my own herbs so it was handy to pick a wee handful of each and add it to the dressing. And as for the beans , i just love the combination of beans with chorizo , so this is why i cooked them this way. So if you have some duck in your fridge and a few herbs try this recipe , it is worth it.

Bon appetit.


For 2 persons :

*2 duck legs

*1 tin broad beans

*2 tablespoon chopped chorizo

*3 garlic cloves

*1 shallot

*3/4 cup olive oil

*2 tablespoon water

*1 teaspoon mustard

*1 tablespoon of each herbs ( i used fresh basil,thyme, parsley, coriander , oregano and sage )

* 1 egg yolk


1.In a preheated oven cook the duck legs in a roasting tray seasoned with salt and pepper 1 hour at 170 degrees celsius.

2. While the duck is cooking , we are going to start the dressing. In a jug , blend the herbs with the mustard and the egg yolk until you get a smooth mixture and then slowly add the oil , it is the same process for any dressing and once the dressing get thick add the water and keep in the fridge .

3. In a frying pan , shallow fry the shallot and garlic with the chorizo and then add the drained  beans and cook for 2 minutes . Then add a glass of water or stock if you have and cook slowly until the juice has reduced .

4. Once the duck is cooked , reheat the beans , serve on a plate and add the cold dressing and enjoy.


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