Melon sorbet

For me one of the fruit that reflect the most the summer season is melon. You can find it nearly everywhere and everybody loves it , kids and adults . And with its freshness is an ideal dessert or snack during a warm sunny day . In france some restaurant  use it as a starter served with some port wine or muscat wine , but i prefer to eat it as a sorbet or into a fruit salad. This is why i made this sorbet , i wanted to share one of my favorites dessert of the summer.

Bon appetit.


*One big Canteloup melon . A 1.2 kg melon will give around 840 grs of flesh

* one lemon

*200 ml water

*120 grs brown sugar

1. In a pot cook the water and sugar into a  thick syrup and let it chill.

2.In a food processor Blend the cubed melon until you have a smooth consistency and add the syrup and the lemon juice.

3.Place the mixture in a ice cream machine , it will take around 30 min to set or if you dont have an ice cream maker , place the sorbet in a box , in the freezer and stir every hour until it set.


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