Rosemary and thyme stuffed chicken

This post is a recipe i always wanted to try , my idea was to stuff the chicken with tarragon and shallot but i forgot to buy it so instead i used thyme , rosemary and a little bit of garlic. For the stuffing i didn’t make anything fancy , just some breadcrumbs  and seasoning  so like this any cooking juices from the chicken will go in the bread , and the chicken will stay moist . For the chicken i deboned it in one piece , it require a little bit of skills but hopefully your butcher can do it for you .I had a good training , in one of my job i had to debone around 60 chicken a week for 3 month , it is very important to use a sharp knife . For this dish , it can be ate hot with a garnish and a homemade gravy or cold , thinly sliced  with some salad , i try both ways and it was very good , so if you want to eat a good tasty chicken dish , try this recipe.

Bon appetit.


*1 large chicken ( around 1.2 kg)

*3 slices loaf bread

*4 garlic cloves

* Rosemary and thyme  ( or any other herbs )

1.First , put the chicken on the board , season with salt and pepper,  add the chopped herbs and garlic.

2. In a food processor , blend the bread to obtain breadcrumbs and add it on the chicken , then roll the chicken and you can yie it with butcher string or wrap it in tin foil straight away .

3.cook the chicken one and half hour at 180 degrees celsius.

bon appetit.

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