Grilled squid served on vegetable julienne with a sweet chilli dressing

For today’s recipe  i made something fast , easy but still tasty as my schedule got very busy in the last few weeks , and this is why i decided to use squid , it is fast to prepare and can be so good if cooked properly . As a garnish i made a crunchy vegetable julienne and a sweet chilli dressing . If you do not have squid you can use prawns or even grilled chicken. If you have unexpected guest or a busy schedule it will take you 5 min to make this dish and serve as a starter or even as a main course and for people who are trying to eat healthy  itis the perfect match .

Bon appetit.

Ingredients :

For 4 people as a starter:

*4 large squid

*2 courgettes

*3 carrots

*3/4 cup sweet chilli sauce

*1 tablespoon olive oil

*1 teaspoon thai fish sauce

*a pinch of cracked pepper

* juice of 1/2 lime

1. First cut the courgettes and the peeled carrot into julienne , you can use a mandoline or cut it by hand if you do not have one .

2. Incise the squid into stripes but leave 1 cm uncut to cook the squid as one piece  and season with salt and pepper.

3. In a oiled pan cooked the julienne until they are al dente ( i kept mine crunchy) and in the meantime start the dressing.

4. In a bowl mix the sweet chilli sauce , lime , fish sauce  , olive oil and the cracked pepper and keep aside .

5. at the last minute before serving grill the squid on a barbecue or on a grill pan for a minute and serve straight away . Enjoy


11 thoughts on “Grilled squid served on vegetable julienne with a sweet chilli dressing

  1. Stopped by to see what you’re all about, and I love it. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes.
    Thanks for liking and following my blog. I’m now following yours and look forward to seeing your future posts!

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