White chocolate and apricot cheesecake

One of the best thing about the summer season is the choice of fresh fruit , now we can piock from apricots , peaches , cherries and many more . We can use this fruits for pies , jam , sorbet or just by itself .  I thought that apricot could go well with white chocolate , so i  decided to make a cheesecake  and try this combination.  To make this dessert better  i used some of my father’s home-made apricot jam to give a marbled effect and i used diced fresh apricot  to add some texture to the cheesecake . If you do not like apricot you can use other fruit such as raspberries , peaches,  blueberries or any of your favourites fruit  .

Bon appetit 


*10 small apricots

*250 grs soft cheese

*60 grs icing sugar

*300 ml double cream

*300 grs white chocolate

*250 grs digestives biscuit

*60 grs butter

* 2 sheets gelatine

* apricot jam ( facultative)

1. for the biscuit base , crush the biscuits in a mixing bowl and add the melted butter, mix well and spread into a  dish and let it set in the fridge.

2. Over a pot of hot water , melt the chocolate in a mixing bowl ( bain marie ) and add a third of the double cream and keep stirring .

3. In a glass of water  softened the gelatine and add to the chocolate mixture

4. In another bowl , beat the soft cheese  with the icing sugar, add the remaining cream and the chocolate mixture last .

5. Dice the apricot in small cubes and add to the cheesecake mix and pour on the biscuit base.

6. If you want to add a marbled effect  add a few tablespoons of apricot jam over the cheesecake and gently stir with a knife , Keep chilled in the fridge at least 6 hours before serving .


5 thoughts on “White chocolate and apricot cheesecake

  1. Beautiful. I think apricots are a little underappreciated because they’re hard to get at exactly the right peak of freshness without being mealy or dull-flavored. This sounds marvelous!

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