Smoked kipper with a crunchy potato salad

Last week my girlfriend and i went for a trip to scotland to visit some family and i was amazed by the choice and quality of their fish. My father made some lovely salmon terrine ( i might post this recipe soon) , i tried some smoked mussels , scottish lamb and i had to bring home some hagis . Hopefully this ingredients will be the stars of my following blog but today i focused on smoked kipper . This is a fish that can be found easily in ireland and uk , cheap to buy but very tasty and will be better served with my crunchy potato salad .

Bon appetit


Serves two:

*4 small kipper fillets

*1 fennel

*12 big baby potatoes

*10 radish

*1 tablespoon mayonnaise  ( normal or low fat , it is up to you)

*1 teaspoon lemon juice

* 1 handful chopped chives

*1 pint of milk

* a few bay leaves (optional)

1.In a pot of salty boiling water cook the baby potatoes until soft and chill.

2*In a frying pan dispose the fish with the bay leaves , add the milk and add enough water to cover the fish and simmer for 6-7 minutes

3*In the meantime thinly slice the fennel and radish  , cut the potatoes in half  , add the mayonnaise , lemon juice and chives  then season.

4* Once the fish is ready drain and dry on a sheet of kitchen towel and serve while warm .

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