Apple and grapefruit pie

For me the best part about  cooking is to experiment with flavor , mixing unusual ingredients together , sweet with sour , salty or with bitter . Last week a friend of mine brought a net of grapefruit. I wanted to use them as part of a dessert but i didn’t know how   .  So i looked in my  kitchen to see  if i had anything that can be used with grapefruit and i thought  sweet apples could get along well with bitter grapefruit  and luckily i found a packet of shortcrust pastry in the freezer . So here came the idea of this recipe , i liked it but it had to be served with a sweet coulis to balance the flavour as the cooked grapefruit took over the apples otherwise it was lovely.


serves 8:

*6 sweet apples

*6 grapefruits

*1 cup of sugar

*1 packet shortcrust pastry

1.Peel and segment the grapefruit.

2.Peel and cut in large chunks the apples.

3.Place the fruits with the sugar in a pot and cook  for around 10 minutes.

4.Drain in a sieve for a few hours to be sure all cooking juices are drained and to cool the fruits.

5. Separate the pastry in half, roll in two circles .

6.Place the first disc of pastry on a greased dish or plate suitable for oven baking.

7.Add the cooked and drained fruits and spread on the pastry leaving 2 cm of border for sealing

8.Cover with the second disc of pastry

9. Seal the pie , cover with egg wash and bake 30-35 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

10. Serves warm with custard or with a coulis made of warm water and jam (easy , fast and nice)

Bon appetit

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