spicy chicken with bulgur wheat

Eating healthy can be quite tricky when you have a busy lifestyle , as a chef  i don’t really have time to cook between my shifts ( i get a 2 hour break between 9 in the morning to 10 at night),  so it is very often that we buy frozen pizza or get takeaways . But i am trying to stop this bad habit , for for a financial reason as takeaway food is expensive but also for the  health as i put on a few kilos over the past few years . I am trying to cook ingredients like quinoa or bulgur wheat as it is healthy and quite filling because diet food doesn’t fill me up and when working with food , you get the temptation to pick. So the yesterday i had a lunch using what i found in my fridge and it is very healthy and filling . So try the recipe and give any feedback.

bon appetit.


Ingredients :

serves 2 ( as a light lunch or starter)

*1 chicken breast

*1 courgette

*1 sweet pepper

*1 schallot

*1 teaspoon harissa ( or chilli sauce)

*2 teaspoon tomato puree

*2 garlic cloves

*1 liter chicken stock

*1 and 1/2 cup of bulgur wheat.

1. Roughly dice the courgette and pepper, and chop the garlic .

2.In a hot pan with olive oil , pan fry the vegetable for 2 min .

3.thinly slice the chicken and add to the pan.

4.Once the chicken is nearly cooked add the bulgur wheat , chicken stock , tomato puree and harissa.

5. Reduce the heat and slowly cook for around 10 min or until the juice is dissolved while keep stirring ( if needed , add more water )

bon appetit.


2 thoughts on “spicy chicken with bulgur wheat

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