white chocolate and raspberry muffin

It’s been a long time since i wanted to try this recipe but i never found the time or occasion to do it . Luckily my friends birthday was on monday so me and my fiancee thought it will be nice to come to his house wis presents and a plate of homemade muffin . The muffins were a hit and it is a recipe that i will definitely bake again . The recipe is basic and you can swap the raspberries and chocolate by anything you want.



Makes 12 muffins:

*2 eggs

*200 grs caster sugar

*250 ml milk

* 125 ml vegetable oil

*400 grs plain flour

* 3 tsp baking powder

*1 tsp salt

*150 grs fresh raspberries

*150 grs white chocolate chip

1. preheat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius

2.In  a mixing bowl , add flour,sugar salt and baking powder and stir

3.In another bowl mix the eggs with the milk and oil then add to the dry ingredients.

4. Lightly coat the chocolate chip and raspberries in flour then add the the batter.

5. Pour the mixture in  a muffin tray lined with muffin cases and bake for around 25 min.

Bon appetit.


One thought on “white chocolate and raspberry muffin

  1. OMG, those muffins look amazing! Now I have one more reason to look forward to the end of my diet! Thanks for stopping on my blog, I will definitely keep an eye on your recipes 🙂

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