When i lived in france , i spent my last 5 years living in provence before i moved to ireland . Provence is such a wonderful place to live especially in the old villages in the countryside , the people are so friendly , everything is so colourful and the food is tasty. Every dishes has strong flavours such as garlic , thyme , olives , pesto …. and it is much healthier with the mediteranean influence . It is not often that you will find cream or butter in the food as the main element is olive oil . In most of the restaurant i worked in there was one dish that was always on the menu , and it was ” RATATOUILLE” .I love this dish because it is so versatile  and can be served with anything. It is great served with grilled fish , braised meat or even added to pasta or rice dishes. One one my favorites is to spread it on pizza dough and sprinkle with mozarella , it is a delish  ( you should try it). For a little of extra flavour , you can add some pitted olives in this recipe and use it as a dip for bread such as fougasse , which is a typical provencal bread  ( iposted a recipe a little while ago) .

I hope you find this recipe to your taste and i will post more recipe soon. BON APPETIT.


Ingredients :

Serves 4 ( as a side order)

*1 large onion

*2 bell peppers

*1 eggplant

*2 zucchinis

*5 garlic cloves

*2 tbsp olive oil

*2 tsp herbes de provence  ( or mixed herbs)

*1 tsp ketchup

*1/2 tsp chilli flakes ( optional)

*1 pint of tomato sauce ( passata , dolmio …..)

1. In a hot pan add the olive oil , crushed garlic and finely diced onion.

2.While the onion and garlic gently fry , dice the peppers, egg plant , and zucchini , then add to the pan.

3. Season with salt , pepper, chilli flakes and the herbs then stir .

4. once the vegetables start to colour add the tomato sauce and ketchup then reduce the heat .

5.Slowly cook for 30 min while keep stirring  and serve .

Bon appetit

4 thoughts on “Ratatouille

  1. Ratatouille is so delicious and your version is no exception! I love it on top of roasted aubergine with some melted cheese and breadcrumbs on top – yum yum!
    Thank you for visiting my blog (I love the name of yours by the way)

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