Tagliatelle carbonara

Carbonara is one of  the most famous pasta sauce and you can understand why , nothing can taste  bad when you cook with bacon , cheese and cream. But this recipe has  so many different version , some says that there no cream and just the addition of egg yolk thicken the sauce , other says that it is just cream and cheese anyway not one recipe is the same as the other . The version that i am going to give you is the one that i cook at home and previously in some of my old jobs. If you are in a diet , this recipe is not a great help but once in a while it is a good treat . As you can see on the picture i added an egg yolk on the pasta , first it is because my fiancee doesn’t like the idea of a raw egg thicken the sauce and also because a while ago restaurant used to serve it is this way but had to stop due to health and safety reason , so it is up to you as i enjoy it personally.

tagliatelle carbonara


serves 4:

*500 grs fresh tagliatelles

* 250 grs rindless bacon lardons

*400 ml single cream

*2 garlic cloves

*2 schallots

*50 grs grated parmesan

*egg yolks (optional)

1.In a hot non stick pan add the bacon , chopped shallot and garlic .

2. Stir and once the ingredients start to brown add the cream and reduce the heat.

3.Bring a pot of salty water to boil.

4.Once the sauce has reduced to half add the grated cheese .

5.Put the pasta in the water and cook following the instruction on the box , it shouldn’t take more than two minute if you are using fresh pasta.

6.Once cooked , drain and add to the sauce , stir well and serve . If you want you can add more cheese on the pasta once served or even an egg yolk as seen on the picture.



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