Cantonese rice

Food wise one my childhood favorite’s dish is Cantonese rice .  Sometimes as a treat my mother used to cook homemade spring roll with Cantonese rice  and we use to love it , it was a bit rich as the spring roll were the deep fried version but it was good. once in a while i try to  cook some of my childhood dishes to my fiancee but time is rare in and the food choice isn’t great where i live . Originally in the recipe we used dry Chinese black mushroom but i couldn’t find any and also some prawns but were too sick to go to the shop iso i cooked without this two ingredients but use them if you  have them. Normally we eat this dish on its own but can serve it as a side order to a chicken or beef dish for example.

cantonese rice


Serves 4 :

*4 cup of cooked jasmine rice

*12 white mushroom

*6 eggs

*4 slices of ham

*2 cup of frozen peas

*2 tbsp of light sauce

*1 cup of small frozen prawns ( optional)

1.Start by cooking and draining the rice.

2.In a bowl beat the eggs and season  with a small pinch of pepper and cook in an oiled  or non stick pan  by using the same technique as when you cook pancake and reserve.

3.In a deep wide pan  add a little of vegetable oil and fry the diced ham and the sliced mushroom for a minute and then add the peas and prawns.

4.Cut the eggs in squares and add to the other ingredients , stir and then add the rice and soy sauce .

5.When the rice is hot and well stirred serve .

Bon appetit.


4 thoughts on “Cantonese rice

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