Aligot with smoked sausage

Aligot is a French winter dish that find mostly in ski resort restaurants along with fondue, raclette , tartiflette…. Basically it is a cheesy mash potatoes with garlic and butter. The traditional recipe uses Comte cheese but you can use other kind of cheese such as mozzarella or em entail. I looked for the official recipe in the Larousse gastronomique and they use 1 kilo of potato for 500 grs of cheese, to me it is a little bit too much cheese so I reduced the amount of it . My fiancĂ©e wasn’t very thrilled about the idea of cheese in mash potatoes as Irish people like plain potatoes but she loved it and asked for more. This time I decided to serve it with smoked German sausage as I couldn’t get ahold of traditional ” saucisse de morteaux “.


Serves 4:

* 1 kilo of peeled potatoes
* 250 grs of Comte cheese
*3 garlic cloves
*50 grs of butter

1. In a pot of salty boiling water cook the potatoes with the crushed garlic until soft.
2. Drain the potatoes and put back the pot, mash them and add the butter and cheese, season with salt pepper then with a wooden spoon stir well for a minute or two .
3. Serve with smoked sausage or with red meat.
Bon appetit.


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