Nutella hot chocolate

Who doesn’t like Nutella , nobody except people who didn’t try it. But what frustrates me is the part when the jar is nearly empty and there is some Nutella left that you cannot scrape off. Recently I got addicted to Pinterest and I seen so many mouth watering recipes using Nutella, and being an addict to hot chocolate and Nutella , I thought I will try to combine the two ingredients together. The recipe is so easy to do and you have to give it a go as it is so delicious and personally best enjoy with fresh brioche or croissant.



Makes 4 cup:
* 800 ml of milk
* a nearly empty jar of Nutella ( it will be a shame to waste the good stuff) plus 2 tablespoon of Nutella from a new jar.

1. In a saucepan heat the milk , and once hot fill the empty jar of Nutella , wait for a minute or two so the chocolate can melt before emptying the content back in the pot.
2. Add the two tbsp of Nutella and mix using a hand blender to get a smooth and frothy drink.

Bon appetit.

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