Coconut prawns with chilli mango coulis

Prawns is one seafood that can be accommodated to any flavors, from a sweet korma to a spicy vindaloo or even in a Chinese chow mein . I never really liked mango until I ate some in Vietnam as the few i ate in home had a very strong peppery taste  but the one i ate in Hanoi was sweet and juicy , a delicacy.  This dish is best served outside in a sunny day with a glass of chilled white wine or an ice cold beer , unfortunately the spring hasnt arrived in Ireland and we had maybe five sunny days in the last two months. If you do not like mango , a fresh tomato salsa will be a good alternative to the dish or even a curry mayonnaise , and if you feel that the coconut will over taste on the prawns you can mix half breadcrumb and half coconut.

coconut prawns with mango coulis


Serves two:

*150 grs of fresh ( or frozen ) peeled tiger prawns

*1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

*1 egg

*1/2 cup of plain flour

*1/3 cup of milk

*1 large mango or 2 small ones

*2 tsp of chopped chilli ( or to your liking)

*the juice of 1 lime

1.Peel and cube the mango , place in a food processor with the lime juice and the chilli and blend until smooth, keep in the fridge .

2.In a bowl add the flour with some salt and pepper, in another bowl beat the egg with the milk and finally in another bowl add the coconut.

3.Using the same technique as breading , dip the prawns in the flour, shake well and dip in the egg mixture and then in the coconut and place on a plate ready for frying. Repeat the operation until all the prawns are breaded.

4.For cooking the cooking the prawns , you can either deep frying them or cook them in a hot pan with some olive oil . I used the pan frying technique but you can cook any way you want and serve on a bed of salad with a dip of the mango coulis.

Bon appetit.


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