rhubarb jam

Like i was saying yesterday , this is my second post including rhubarb and it is the easiest so far, the ingredients are so easy you dont even need a recipe, as for the amount of fruit m you need the same amount of sugar. For example i only had 300 grs of rhubarb so i added 300 grs of sugar and cook it slowly on low heat for around 45 minutes, pour into jars , sterilise and store it for a few months. I like to eat  mine with a fresh scone but any other bread will do, follow your heart.

Bon appetit.

rhubarb jam

3 thoughts on “rhubarb jam

  1. Cool! I’m going to try this. What do you mean by sterilize? Is it just cleaning the jar well, but you store it in the refrigerator? Or do you actually can it this way so it is shelf stable? Have you ever tried a savory rhubarb concoction? I hear some chefs are using it this way now.

    • for sterilizing i just boil my jar and lids , pour the hot jam to the top, close tightly and let it chill upside down. But any other technique will work. I keep my jams for aroud 2 to 3 years in the press so they are pretty shelf stable but you can keep it in the fridge if you prefer. You really got me thinking with the idea of savory rhubarb recipe , i never seen any but i will give it a go and post it if it goes well. thank you for checking my blog

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