Homemade nachos with spicy tomato salsa

For me , a perfect evening off is lighting the fire, and watching a movie with my fiancee while eating nachos and off course a dipping sauce but recently the prices went up and buying a bag of doritos nachos and dip will cost you around 4 to 5 bucks. And while still dieting i thought that making my nachos and dip will be cheaper and healthier, the ingredients of the recipe costs me around 2 euros. It’s not as easy as buying in the shop but the bother is definitely worth it and so TASTY. I used plain flour tortilla wrap but you can use either corn or wholemeal ones. As for the dipping sauce you can add or subtract any ingredients.

Homemade nachos with tomato salsa


Makes enough for 2 people:

*8 tortilla wraps

*6 tomatoes

*1 tbsp of tomato puree

*2 tsp of dried oregano

*1 jalapeno peppers

*1 onion

*1 tbsp of ketchup

*1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar

*2 tsp of smoked paprika

1.Dice the onions , tomatoes and chilli, keeping for both skin and seeds and add to the rest of the ingredients in a nonstick pan, slowly cook  on low heat for 45 minutes and chill in the fridge.

2.Turn on the grill part of your oven.

3. Cut the wraps in 4 large stripes. with a knife or pizza cutter , cut triangle shape out of the stripes.

4.I didn’t want to add any strong flavors to the tortilla so i just sprinkled them with coarse salt and pepper with a pinch of dried herbs. Put the nachos on a tray lined with greaseproof paper  and cook under the grill until golden color  and then flip them on the other side and repeat the process until all the nachos are crispy. Serve once chilled or still warm if you prefer. The salsa can be kept for up to a week but the nachos have to be eaten as soon as possible before they go damp .

Bon appetit.


5 thoughts on “Homemade nachos with spicy tomato salsa

  1. Good for you. Home made trumps store bought anyday. Have you ever tried grilling your veggies prior to making the salsa? Adds a nice smokiness to it. Did you use corn or flour tortillas for the chips?

  2. We in southern California don’t use the phrase ” tortilla wrap “. Just : tortilla . We would use fresh tomatoes , too ; but , i know , use what you can get . I’ll try your recipe . Sounds good .Thanks .

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