Creamy asparagus soup

In Ireland soup is a dish that is served all year round , even in the hottest days of summer. In kitchen we serve liters and liters vegetable soup every day and even if i am french and for us soup is a winter dish , i got used to it and enjoy eating a bowl of soup any day of the year. for soups i have two techniques which works with any vegetables, the healthy way which is just vegetables and vegetable stock , blended and season or the richer version which consist of fried shallots with the addition of the vegetable of your choice , stock and a little bit of cream then blended. For this post , i used the richer technique but if you are on a diet  , cook the healthy way.

creamy asparagus soup


Serves 4:

*400 grs of green asparagus

*500 ml of vegetable or chicken stock

*2 shallots

*2 tbsp of cream

1.In a pot with olive oil , shallow fry the shallot.

2.Slice the asparagus and get rid of the end bit .

3.Add the sliced asparagus and fry for a minute before adding the stock .

4.Simmer for 10 minute , add the cream and blend . season and serve.

Bon appetit



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