Piri piri chickpeas

When trying to eat healthy , the only thing that i cannot cut from my diet is a snack while watching a movie or a sport event at home and my two favorites demons are nachos and dip and peanuts. Last week i posted a recipe for healthy nachos and salsa dip and this week i am trying to replace the peanut. Recently  got addicted to pinterest as this site is a huge source of inspiration and i seen a few recipes of crispy chickpeas as an healthy snack alternative. I read a couples of recipes and decided to give it a go . When i opened my kitchen press to grab a tin of chickpeas i found a small bag of sunflower seeds and some pumpkin seeds so i thought it will not be a bad idea to add it to the recipe  . For the seasoning , i used a bag of jamie oliver piri piri seasoning  because  it was on sale for 50 p and it sounded nice. As you can see on the picture the chickpeas have a dark color , it is not because they are burnt , it is because i used a different kind of chickpeas called kala chana which is a smaller version of ordinary chickpeas with a darker brown color but you can use any kind of chickpeas.

piri piri chickpeasIngredients:

*1 tin of chickpeas

*1 cup of sunflower seeds

*3/4 cup of pumpkin seeds.

*1/2 bag of piri piri seasoning ( or any of your favorites flavors) or 2 tbsp.

1.Rinse the chickpeas and drain in a sieve overnight.

2.Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

3.In a bowl mix all the ingredients with a little bit of salt and place on a nonstick tray and cook for 25-30 min while steering occasionally.

Bon appetit.



2 thoughts on “Piri piri chickpeas

  1. These look great. I’ve often eaten the ‘roasted’ chick peas on the table with pre-meal drinks at good Indian restaurants here (not piri piri – Portugese – of course but still spicy) but never thought of making them myself. Mixing with the seeds looks really good. I’ll be doing this though as I’m not likely to find the usually over-priced Jamie Oliver seasoning for pennies I’ll mix up my own. Thanks for a great idea!

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