Grilled maquerels with samphire

Most men hate food shopping and rather stay home  but i love food shopping especially when i find new ingredients that i never cooked or for good deals . Last week while buying vegetables  i found a small box of british samphire. To people who never heard of it , it is a plant that grows in coastal areas and can be picked for free if you live near the see but many people doesn’t bother harvesting or cooking them . As it is rare to find samphire in my town and it was my first time eating it i wanted it to be plain so i can enjoy the raw flavors of this vegetable/plant. It is not a big complicated recipe but more a quick post to share the basic cooking of samphire and if you find some , please try it  is delicious.

grilled maquerels with samphireIngredients :

Serves 2:

*4 maquerels filets

*200 grs of fresh samphire

* 1 knob of butter

*1 lemon

1.In a pot of boiling water , poach the samphire for a minute and chill under running water,  then drain

2.In a nonstick pan with a drizzle of olive oil pan fry the fish skin side down for 2 minute before flipping on the other side and cook for another 2 minutes , then remove from the pan .

3.In the same pan as the fish add the butter with the cooked samphire . Cut the lemon lengthwise , slice one half and add to the pan and squeeze the other half also in the pan .  Keep  cooking while stirring for  a minute , season and serve .

Bon appetit.

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