Vegetarian stir fried noodles

In y last holidays i was lucky to visit two country in two weeks : china and Vietnam ,  and this trip was a huge source of inspiration for a guy that loves food like me . Everything  looks so simple but tasted amazing and fresh , i was so impressed to see that nearly every meat or fish was either sold alive or killed and prepared no less than an hour ago ( except for pork and beef  as it is a bigger job). how cool must it be to go home with a bag of live prawns and cook it straight away , no additives or any other chemicals crap. The same with the vegetables , of course they do not look as perfect shaped and conditioned like us  but there is no comparison taste wise . As an example i hate mango , and in Hanoi’s market my father bought some mango and gave me one , i loved it  , it was so juicy and sweet  a real delicacy  . This recipe is an inspiration of the two different cuisine that i experienced , a mix between the spicy and Herby taste of Vietnamese cooking and the tasty and healthy taste of Chinese cooking. Off course if you like , you can add some shredded chicken , beef or just a handful of prawns  but i preferred to keep it meatless for my vegetarian friends.

vegetarian noodle stir fryIngredients :

Serves two:

*2 garlic cloves

*10 asparagus split in half

*10 sliced shitake mushroom

*2 bok choi

*1/2 bird’s eye chilli

*1tbsp light soy sauce

*1/2 tbsp of squid sauce

*1 handful of fresh coriander

*3 tbsp of crispy dried onions

*2 tbsp of salted peanuts

*2 portions of ready to wok medium egg noodles ( 2 bags)

1.In a very hot wok add a little bit of peanut oil ( or sesame) then add the mushrooms, asparagus and crushed garlic, cook for a minute and add the noodles.

2.Cut off the base of the bok choi to separate the leaves and add to the wok along with the sliced chilli and the remaining ingredients except the coriander .

3.Constantly stir so the juice soak in the noodles and the peanuts and onions doesn’t stick to the bottom of the wok and cook for two minutes so the asparagus stays crunchy, turn off the heat , add the coriander and serve.

Bon appetit.

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