Banana bread

As a chef , one of the thing I really hate is food waste and recently when I buy bananas for home , they do not last. I tried a few tricks from Pinterest like wrapping the ends of the bananas in tin foil, but nothing worked so far and the bananas doesn’t last much longer. So I took the opportunity to use a recipe I was given a long time ago. The original recipe is easy enough but I swapped held the sugar by dark brown sugar to add a small fudge flavour to the bread.

banana bread

Makes two loaves :
*500 grs of plain flour.
*500 grs of ripped, skinned bananas.
*250 grs of sugar
*250 grs of dark brown sugar
*250 grs of soft un salted butter
*15 grs of baking powder
*6 eggs.

1. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius .
2. With a hand mixer cream the sugar , brown sugar and butter for 2-3 min until smooth.
3. Add the bananas while still mixing , gradually add the eggs one by one and finally add the flour and baking powder.
4. Dispose in two loaf tin and cook for around 40-45 min .
Bon appetit.

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