Malteser cheesecake

This is actually my fiancee’s recipe , she made it yesterday and her recipe is very easy , only require 4 ingredients and is quite sexy . You will notice that there is no gelatine in this recipe , i was surprised at first  but it worked well and the cheesecake is set ,yet still creamy and delicious. Normally for a basic cheesecake the base is made from digestive and butter , but we often use cookies or chocolate digestive instead as it is more tasty and doesn’t require as much  butter as when using plain biscuit.

malteser cheesecakeIngredients:

Serves 10:

*400 grs of soft cream cheese

*200 grs of whipped cream

*400 grs of maltesers

*300 grs of milk chocolate digestive biscuit.

*100 grs of melted butter

1.In a bowl , crush the biscuit with a rolling pin until most of it is crushed but with still some chunks of biscuit , add the melted butter , mix and place in a deep dish like a lasagna one or in individuals rings .Chill in the fridge for an hour.

2.With a hand mixer , whip the cream until soft peak , gently fold the soft cheese.

3.Crush the maltesers ( while keeping a few for decorations ) and add to the cheese mix and pour on the biscuit base .

4.Refrigerate overnight  and share with friends and family.

Bon appetit.







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