Tomato and feta soup

All my life i hated tomato soup until the day my fiancee got a can of heinz tomato soup. It wasn’t acid , pretty tasty and sweet and great with a grilled cheese sandwich. The reason why i made soup in the middle of summer is that i got all the ingredients ready for making a Greek salad ( tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, feta ….) but last night was quite chilly so i thought that soup was on the menu instead using most of the Greek salad ingredients except the cucumber. This soup can be enjoyed hot or cold and is really easy to make ( 10 minutes if you are in a rush).

tomato and feta soupIngredients :

Serves 4:

*8 large ripped tomatoes cut in wedges

*1 red onion finely diced

*1 liter of vegetable stock

*2 tbsp of ketchup

*10cup of feta cheese

1.In a sauce pan fry the onion in olive oil until caramelized.

2.Add the tomatoes ,stock and ketchup, cook on high heat for around 10-15 min .

3.Once cooked , blend the soup with a hand mixer , season and serve with crumbled feta cheese and some fresh herbs.

Bon appetit


6 thoughts on “Tomato and feta soup

  1. Ha! Heinz tomato soup is my favourite, especially when I’m tired / depressed / ran down. I guess you achieve the same sweetness with the ketchup, I’ll try it next time I’m in need of comforting tomato hugs 😀

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