redcurrant jam

It took a little bit of time to post this recipe as i was away in France but  i made this redcurrant jam a month ago. I got given a small bucket of freshly picked redcurrant and i instantly prepare jam with the fruit . It is rare that i buy  fresh redcurrants due the price  so i was quite happy to get my hands on this . The recipe is one of the easiest as for every pound of fruit , you add a pound of sugar. Once i cleaned and separated the fruit from the stem i got 800 grs of fresh juicy redcurrants that ended up in a beautiful red shiny jam.

redcurrant jamIngredients:

*800 grs of redcurrants

*800 grs of sugar

1.clean the fruit and place in a pot with the sugar and stir well.

2.Bring to the boil then cook for a few minutes until the fruits start to soften.

3.Reduce the heat and simmer gently until the jam start to thicken.

4.To check if the jam is ready i place a saucer in the fridge and i put some jam on top , if the jam is still liquid  , let it cook more but if it is thick and set ,it means it’s ready .

5.Remove the scum on the surface of the jam and pour the jam in sterilized jars, seal with a lid and then place in a hot water bath to sterilize for 15 minutes.

Bon appetit.


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