Tomato and chilli jam

Since i am living in Ireland i got habit to eat brie cheese with cranberry sauce . In France the only thing we eat with cheese is bread but in Ireland and UK  i have seen cheese combined with many fruity flavors such as apricot , cranberry , figs and even pineapple .  This is when i thought i will be good to mix the heat and sweetness of tomato and chilli with a creamy brie. I have to say it worked well and i even found more use for this spicy jam . For example it is great on top of roast chicken as a glaze or even stirred in a tomato sauce and i am sure it can work with many more recipes . Because i like chillies i added 5 chilies to the recipe but use less or more depending of your liking.

tomato and chilli jam Recipes:

*500 grs of riped tomatos

*3 garlic cloves

*5 chillies

*20 ml of fish sauce

*300 grs of sugar

*100 ml of red wine vinegar

1. In a large saucepan  add the sugar, vinegar and fish sauce and heat gently.

2.Meanwhile dice the tomatoes keeping the seeds and add to the mixture.

3.Slice the chillies, peel and crush the garlic and add both to the jam.

4.Cook on low heat until you get a jam consistency (around 30 min) .

5.Once cooked pour into sterilized jars and place into a hot water bath for 10 minutes for sterilization .

Bon appetit.


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