Chorizo gnocchi

This recipe combines two of my favorites ingredients, gnocchi and chorizo . Both of this ingredients can be associated to many recipe as  both are versatile. Chorizo can be added to fish , meat , vegetable, soup , rice …. every recipe taste great associated to chorizo and then gnocchi can be flavored with anything ,  but chorizo or blue cheese are my  all time favorites .

Chorizo gnocchiIngredients:

Serves 4:

*800 grs of potatoes ( peeled)

*300 grs of flour

*1 egg

*250 grs of chorizo

*6 spring onions

*olive oil


1.Cook the peeled potatoes in salty water until soft.

2.Meanwhile dice in small cubes half of the chorizo  and cook in olive oil for 3 minutes and place on kitchen towel to remove excess fat.

3.When the potatoes are cooked drain and mash . Place in a large bowl and add the diced chorizo and the egg , mix by hand and slowly add the flour. Thinly slice 2 spring onion and add to the mix.

4.Place the gnocchi dough on a floured worktop and start to roll it  in a sausage shape .

Chorizo gnocchi5.Slice into thick slices and start shaping the gnocchi. With a fork you can add the lines that are known to italian gnocchi  and keep them well dusted with flour so that they doesn’t stick together.

6.In a pot of boiling salty water  place the gnocchi and cook until they rise up to the surface, drain .

7.Thinly slice the remaining chorizo and spring onions then add to a hot pan with olive oil, cook for 2 minutes before adding the gnocchi , then cook for around 5 minutes until the gnocchi become a little bit crispy then serve.

Bon appetit.



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