Polar bread

Polar bread , also known as Tunnbröd is a flat Swedish bread that once cooked in a pan is best served with smoked salmon and Greek yoghurt based sauce.  It is often served in France as a base of chicken sandwich  or smoked salmon , but it is also good accompanied with crab and prawns. Also this is a flat bread i cooked mine as English muffin shape , so it is slightly larger than original polar bread.

Polar breadIngredients:

Makes 8 small bread:

*250 grs of flour

*1x 7 grs sachet of dry yeast

*120 ml of water

*40 grs of creme fraiche

*1/2 tsp of sugar

*1/2 tsp of salt

Fennel seeds can be optionally added.


1.In a mixer bowl , add all the ingredients and knead on speed 1 for 5 minutes. Place  in an oiled bowl  , cover and rest one hour in a warm place.

2.Once the dough has rested , divide it in 8 equal pieces , flatten to your desired shape using a rolling pin or by hand  then prick the dough using a fork .

3.Place the breads on a tray lined with greaseproof paper , cover and rest again for 30 minutes.

4.Heat a skillet or non stick pan and  cook the polar bread 2 minutes on each side .

5.Once cooked wrap the cooked bread in a clean tea towel to keep them warm and moist until serving .

Bon appetit

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