Sweet pepper chicken

In France this dish is called ” POULET AUX POIVRONS”  and is one of my best childhood culinary memories . My father used to make it in his cast iron pot served with a serving of white rice and any leftover juices  was soaked with a piece of bread. The preparation for this recipe is so easy  that  it takes 10 minutes to prepare and let it cook one hour on low heat.  I noticed that a lot of American bloggers use a crock-pot , and this chicken recipe is actually perfect for this machine as it require a slow cooking method.

Sweet pepper chickenIngredients:

Serves 2:

*4 chicken thighs

*3 bell peppers ( one of each colour)

*1 onion

*2 garlic cloves

*500 ml of chicken stock


1.In a hot casserole pan , cook the chicken with some olive oil until golden brown  .

2.In the meantime peel and slice the onion and garlic before adding to the pot.

3.Remove the seeds from the peppers and slice.

4.Once the chicken has coloured , remove from the pan and add the peppers.cook for 5 minutes.

5.Place the chicken back in the casserole and add the  chicken stock , reduce the heat and slowly cook for 45 minutes or until a quarter of the juice is left. Serve with some rice.

Bon appetit.

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