Homemade pesto

During my training in France , I’ve always made pesto from scratch as it very quick and simple to realize and the basic list of ingredients barely changes.   Unfortunately at my current job we do not make our own pesto , we buy a basic green pesto , until we recently found a new one and  it is the best the best store version i tried so far . And when reading the ingredients list , i found out that they use pistachio instead of pine nuts . So i decided to add some pistachio to my pistachio recipe and share the results with you.

Homemade pestoIngredients:

*1  whole bunch of basil

*3 tbsp of parmesan

*3 garlic cloves

*6 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

*1 tbsp of toasted pine nuts

*1 tbsp of pistachio


1.In a mortar  pound the garlic with some olive oil and the basil to obtain a smooth paste .

2.Gradually add the Parmesan , pine nuts and pistachio , pound with the pestle . At this stage , you can keep the pesto a bit chunky or smooth  depending on how long you pound for , i kept mine chunky .

3.Add the remaining olive oil , season with salt and pepper and stir one last time.

Bon appetit


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