Leek and bacon quiche

Quiche is one of most versatile starter in kitchen as any filling can be added to it ( fish , meat , cheese, vegetable….) but bacon and cheese is my all time favorite. I decided to add leek to the recipe because my fiancee’s father brought me some vegetables from his father’s garden . For vegetarian friends bacon can be removed from the recipe but unfortunately , since eggs is the base of the filling , it is not vegan friendly , sorry guys. For this post i did not make my own pastry as i was cooking between two shifts and had no time to make it but feel free to make the pastry  from scratch.

leek and bacon quicheIngredients:

Serves 4:

*1 roll of ready to roll shortcrust pastry

*1 large leek

*125 grs of smoked bacon

* 1 egg yolk

*1 egg

*100 ml of milk

*100 ml of single cream

*1/2 cup of grated cheese


1.Preheat the oven at 190 degrees Celsius.

2.On a floured surface , roll out the pastry and line in a 22 cm greased flan dish.

3.Place greaseproof paper on the pastry and fill with baking beans , bake blind in the oven for 20 minutes  .

4.Slice and clean the leek then place in a frying pan with the bacon , cook until the leek is soft .

5.Remove the baking beans and paper form the cooked pastry . Fill with the bacon and leek mixture  , sprinkle the cheese on top.

5.In a mixing bowl , mix the egg,egg yolk , milk and cream . Season with salt and paper then pour on the quiche.

6.Bake for 25 minutes or until set.

Bon appetit




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