Vietnamese spring rolls

Last year i went on a trip to Hanoi to visit  my father and  took a three day stop in Hong Kong on the way over. I was delighted as  Asia   was my dream holiday destination  and took the opportunity to propose to my girlfriend during a two days cruise in the Halong  bay. On the boat we had a Spring roll demonstration and we had to make our own with the help of the on board chef . Even if i am a professional chef , Asian food and cooking technique are so different to ours and i am sure they feel the same about us . Before i left the country i bought two packets of rice paper as it is very hard to find in Donegal in case i wanted to recreate this delicacy . I created a collage to explain the rolling process of the spring roll as it will be easier to  understand .

Vietnamese spring rollsIngredients :

Makes 4 spring rolls:

*16 cooked tiger prawns

*150 grs of thin rice noodles

*4 spring rolls stalk

*50 grs of beansprouts

*a small handful  of coriander

*1/4 cup of salted peanuts

For the nuoc nam dipping sauce:

*1 tsp of chopped fresh chilli

*1 tsp of chopped fresh garlic

*1 tbsp of lemon juice

*2 tbsp of fish sauce

*1 tbsp of brown sugar

*5 tbsp of water


1.Start by making the dipping sauce . Combine all the ingreditns in a bowl and stir until the sugar has disolved , keep chilled.

2.To make the rolls place the rice paper sheet on a clean damp towel and follow the instruction on the next picture.

Vietnamese spring rollsRepeat this process three more times and serve to your guests with the nuoc nam sauce .

Bon appetit


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