Grilled halloumi and vegetable kebab

I recently discovered halloumi cheese while shopping in a health shop . I was looking for tofu when i found something called halloumi cheese and it looked like a mix between feta and mozzarella.I research more about online  and was surprised to see that you can pan fry or grill this cheese without melting . Having a few sunny days lately i grilled this lovely kebabs outside and served mine with a piece of grilled chicken . It can be a good alternative  to ordinary skewers for vegetarian guest . For meat lovers , chorizo can be added to the kebab for a sexy kebab. To serve with the skewers , i realized a simple green olive dressing  that will compliment the flavors of the dish.

Grilled halloumi and vegetable kebabIngredients :

Makes 4 kebabs:

*250 grs of halloumi cheese

*1 red pepper

*1 yellow pepper

*1 red onion

*1 small courgette


For the dressing :

*1 tbsp of chopped green olive

*1 tbsp of balsamic reduction

*2 tbsp of olive oil

*salt and pepper


1.Cut the halloumi in 20 equal cubes .Peel and cut in half quarter the red onion.

2.Remove the seeds and cut in large square the peppers . Simply slice the courgette .

3.Skewer up the vegetables and the cheese evenly until you have 4 skewer.

4.Cook on a BBQ or on a griddle pan with olive oil.

5.To realize the dressing combine all the ingredients , season with salt and pepper .

6.Pour the dressing on the cooked skewer.

Bon appetit



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