Salmon gravlax

I discovered this dish while working in a hotel in Cannes around 10 years ago. It might look like smoked salmon but it is completely different .  It is a Nordic dish that consist of cured salmon in a dry marinade made of salt , sugar , dill and spices . It takes two to three days to cure but it is really worth the wait as it is so delicious  . At first i was going to add raw beetroot to the marinade but  i wanted to keep this recipe plain and might add beetroot for a future post . It is best enjoyed on fresh bread  or even better on polar bread .

For the polar bread recipe , click on the link below:

Salmon gravlaxRecipe for a whole salmon fillet:

*100 grs of sea salt

*100 grs of sugar

*15 grs of dill

*1 and 1/2 tsp of mixed spices

*1 tsp of crushed pink peppercorn

*1 salmon side ( around 700 grs)


1.Trim the fat on the side of the salmon and remove the bones if not previously done.

2.Mix together all the dry ingredients and keep aside . Roughly chop the dill.

3.In a deep roasting tray or a dish  long enough to hold the fish flat , place a third of the dry mixture.

4.Place the salmon skin side down on the salt mix . Evenly place the dill on the salmon flesh.

5.Add the remaining dry mix on top of the dill and salmon and make sure that the whole salmon is covered.

6.Wrap completely the tray in cling film and keep refrigerated  for 24 hours .

7.After a day  , the dry mixture will become like a syrupy  texture. Flip the salmon flesh side down so it marinate in the liquid cure . Wrap in cling film and wait another 24 hours .

8.On the third day remove any excess marinade form the salmon , give it a quick rinse under cold water and dry well with kitchen paper.

9.Slice thinly and enjoy  with fresh bread and with a shot of vodka to keep the Nordic tradition.

Bon appetit

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