Irish beef mince stew

This dish is in the center of debates about the type of meat used in the recipe . Many people says that lamb is the meat used in stew but all the Irish families I’ve visited used mince beef as it is much cheaper and many people doesn’t like the strong taste of lamb. As a chef we serve Irish stew all year round using dice beef  but on ST Patrick’s day we do make it with lamb .Personally it all depends of your taste and budget , i have tried every version of the stew and the mince one is my favorites. Frozen peas are not traditional in Irish stew but it is an ingredients that we like to add at home as we love peas .

irish beef mince stewIngredients:

Serves 4:

*500 grs of  mince beef

*8 potatoes

*1 leek

*3 carrots

*1 liter of beef stock

*1 cup of frozen peas

*2 tbsp of beef gravy granules



1.Shape the mince in 30 meatballs and cook them in a hot saucepan with olive oil until brown .

2.Peel and roughly dice the carrots and potatoes , add to the meat . Wash and cut the leek , add it to the pot with the beef stock .

3.Cook for 1 hour or until the sauce has reduced and started to thickens.

4. Add the peas , cook for 5 minutes then add the gravy granules .

5.Season with salt and pepper if needed , then serve with bread .

Bon appetit



5 thoughts on “Irish beef mince stew

  1. That just looks so good. It actually looks like a lamb dish I had for lunch at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin a few years ago. Its reminded me of how good that was and I must try out this recipe as I’m sure it is just as good. Thanks for reminding me!

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