Korean kimchi

I recently discovered this dish in a food magazine and i couldn’t wait trying it as i love sauerkraut and this is its Korean equivalent . It can be kept months in the fridge as it matures and gets better in time . I decided to eat mine after 6 months of fermentation . I have to say it is very good , spicy and i just eat mine with plain white rice for a healthy meal after work. This version is easy as i used everyday products , because many recipes had typical Korean spices that i cannot find in Ireland.

Korean kimchiingredients:

*1 Chinese cabbage ( also called Napa cabbage)

*1/4 cup of sea salt

*1 tbsp of garlic puree

*1 tsp of sugar

*4  tbsp of red chilli flakes

*4 spring onions

*1 cup of fish sauce


1.Cut the cabbage lengthwise into quarters , remove the core. Cut each quarters into 6.

2.Place the cabbage with the sea salt into a bowl , mix well then cover with water and let it stand for 2 hours.

3.Rinse the cabbage three times to remove any remaining salt then drain.

4.In a bowl , mix together the  chilli flakes , garlic puree, sugar , fish sauce and the finely sliced spring onions.Add the cabbage then using gloves , mix well by hand so all the cabbage is coated .

5.Place the kimchi into a sterilized jar , pressing down with a spoon . Close the jar place it on a plate to catch any overflow due to the fermentation.

6.Leave it 5 days at room temperature before placing it in the fridge. It can be eaten after 2 weeks and can be kept for months.

Bon appetit


7 thoughts on “Korean kimchi

  1. ^^ i’m so glad to see your posting on Kimchi. It looks yummy. 6 months fermentation? Then, the taste could be more sour and I recommend you to make Kimchi pancake or Kimchi stew with sour Kimchi. ^^

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