Canneles bordelais

This little french pastries are originally from the BORDEAUX area and are delicious when made right. Many pastry chef says that they waste many batches before having a right one. The secret is the temperature of the oven and the mould. It is originally bake in small copper moulds . I have a silicon version  because i couldn’t find the traditional copper version yet. The recipe itself is quite easy as it is  basically a pancake batter with added rum and orange zest. The inside has to stay moist while the crust has to be very crispy . Due to technical reason mine were not as crispy as i wanted.

Canneles bordelaisIngredients:

Makes 8 canneles:

*250 ml of milk

*125 grs of icing sugar

*1 egg

*1 egg yolk

*1/2 tbsp of rhum

*1/2 vanilla pod

*50 grs of flour

*20 grs of butter

*Zest of 1/2 orange


1.In a saucepan , boil he milk with the vanilla pod and butter.

2.Mix together the flour and sugar , add the egg and egg yolk , Whisk well and add the cooled milk.Add the rum and orange zest them chill in the fridge overnight.

3.Preheat the oven to 240 degrees Celsius. If using copper moulds , grease them with butter , and fill 8 of those with the batter .

4.Bake 10 minutes at 240 degrees Celsius then turn down the heat to 190 degrees Celsius and continue cooking for another 40 minutes .

5.Once cooked , wait 10 minutes before unmolding .

Bon appetit.



9 thoughts on “Canneles bordelais

  1. I just had my first Cannelle when I was visiting with Stephane in St. Emilion! They are really unique! Thanks for the recipe! (Stephane from

    • I actually never had canneles until i baked mine so i had nothing to compare mine to . I definitely have to try them during my next french holidays. Thank you for your comment.

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