Garlic mushrooms on toast

This is a fail proof recipe that can be served as a starter for guests or simply cooked for a quick  meal after work .  This dish is even better if you pick  fresh mushrooms such as chanterelle or cepes   during mushroom season.

Cream can be removed from the recipe if you are on a diet ora dairy free.

garlic mushroom on toastIngredients;

Serves 4:

*400 grs of sliced fresh mushrooms

*4 garlic cloves

*200 ml of single cream

*8 slices of bread

*1 tbsp of fresh chopped parsley

*olive oil


1.In a frying pan drizzled with olive oil, cooked the mushrooms with the chopped garlic cloves .

2.In the meantime toast the bread .

3.Add the cream to the mushrooms along with the parsley and reduce to a third.

4.Season with salt and pepper then serve on the toasted bread  giving 2 slices per guest.

5.Serve with a handful of green salad.

Bon appetit



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