Baked camembert in puff pastry


This baked Camembert is a great sharing starter even if as a french person who used to live in Normandy , i used to think cooking Camembert is a sacrilege but now i love it . For this recipe i used a cheap Camembert because a nice creamy farm one  should only be accompanied with fresh bread . To go in the puff pastry i use some of my homemade tomato and chilli jam , but other jams  such as apricots , berries will also be good and even better if they are is a link to the tomato and chilli jam recipe:

Baked camembert in puff pasrtyIngredients :

Serves 4:

*1 whole round Camembert (250 grs)

*1 ready to roll puff pastry

*4 tbsp of tomato and chilli jam ( or a different flavour if desired)

*1 egg

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

2.On a floured surface …

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