Ranch dressing

After making my buttermilk blueberry pancakes a few days ago , i was left with some buttermilk  in the fridge and no idea what to do with it as i am not very familiar with this ingredient. While researching online  i found out that ranch dressing is made with buttermilk .I tried this sauce a while ago and loved it so i decided to make it with the leftover milk. I served with a refreshing beetroot and apple salad , and it was a really good combination.

ranch dressing


Serves 4:

*3 tbsp of mayonnaise

*3 tbsp of buttermilk

*1 tbsp of olive oil

*1 tbsp of water

*2 tbsp of chopped chives

*1 tsp of garlic puree

*1/2 tsp of tabasco

*1/2 tsp of Worcester sauce

*1/2 tspof lemon juice



1.Combine together all the ingredients, whisk and pour over your favorite salad .

2.It can be kept in the fridge for 2 days.

Bon appetit



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