Sweet and spicy dill pickle

This recipe is the results of many attempts making sweet and spicy pickles . When choosing pickles , everybody has their personal favourites, I like mine sweet , spicy with a lot of dill . I succeeded last year but unfortunately lost the recipe . I mine a batch of pickle in may but it was a total failure , so I decided to try again . This recipe tastes like the one form last year , so it is a success. I made 4 jars which is enough to last a few months knowing that you need to wait two weeks before eating the pickles.

sweet and spicy dill pickles

Makes 4 jars

*2 cup of sugar
*1cup of water
* 3 cups of cider vinegar
*2 tbsp of pink peppercorn
*21 tbsp of mustard seeds
*6 tbsp coarse sea salt
*4 gherkins
*1 onion
*4 baby bell peppers ( or 1 ordinary one)
*1 whole bunch of dill
*2 whole fresh chillies


1.Cut the gherkins in half crosswise, cut the extremities , and cut each half in 6 baton shape .
2.Peel and finely slice the onion. Slice and remove the seeds form the peppers and chillies.
3.Place the vegetables in a mixing bowl, roughly chop the dill and add to the vegetables , mix by hand and place in 4 sterilized jars.
4.Place the remaining ingredients in a saucepan , heat until the sugar and salt has dissolved, then pour into the jars .leave to chill.
5.Once the pickles are cold , close with a lid and place in the fridge for 2 weeks before eating.
Bon appetit



2 thoughts on “Sweet and spicy dill pickle

    • i tried once with ordinary white vinegar but it wasnt sa nice as the cider vinegar . I looked at your grandma’s pickle recipe and it looked amazing , i will definitely. try it next year , thank you for sharing

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