Poached salmon in coconut milk

The food that i cook for the blog often depends of what is in my fridge in my day off  work . This time salmon , lemongrass and chilli were the product that catches my attention. Since i made a chicken in coconut milk at work the previous day as a chef’s  special i decided to also use coconut milk in this dish . This dish is also great when using tiger prawns or even chicken.

Poached salmon in coconut milkIngredients:

Serves two:

*2 salmon fillets

*1 tin of coconut milk

*1 lemongrass stalk

*1 red chilli

*2 garlic cloves

*1 tbsp of fish sauce

*1/2 lime



1.In a skillet or pan , gently heat the coconut milk.

2.With a meat tenderizer or other tool , lightly bash the lemongrass , chilli and garlic then add to the milk along with the milk.

3.Squeeze the lime and add the juice to the pan.

4. Cover with a lid and cook for 10 minutes .

5.Once the salmon is cooked , you can either serve it straight away , or you can reduce the juice until thick . It depends of how you are going to serve the dish .In both case it is delicious .

Bon appetit



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